Learning is a lifetime adventure!

We spend the first 18-25 years of our life in formal education, learning the three R's - Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Along the way we pick up some other 'elective' courses that help us explore the world and maybe even find a possible career. Most of us dread those years of forced schooling and unfortunately don't apply ourselves very well. As a result, we enter the world of work a little less prepared than we could be. My goal is to find ways to help my students get the most of their 'mandatory' education so they are better able to meet whatever challenges come to them in life...and challenges they will face!

It is my hope that those who happen upon this site will find something useful that might help them grow and develop new skills and cause them to explore new ideas. Only when we expand our minds continually are we growing towards that ideal person that we all have inside. Learning is indeed a lifelong adventure!