What are Google Tools?

Google tools, also called Google Apps, is a collection of tools that allow you to manage all aspects of personal and business computing under one protected 'umbrella'.

As with any set of tools, opionions about the tools are varied. In the world of education, there has been a big move toward using Google tools. Some businesses are also making the Google toolbox the center of their computing work. This exploration is not intended to make a case for or against the vaule of this toolbox. It is merely an exploration so you, the student, can make an informed choice as to which tools you use in your life. It will also help you when you encounter classes in high school and college that use this set of tools regularly.

Google tools include:

There are other tools available for specific uses. A quick search on Google will give you a seemingly endless array of options to meet just about any need.

How will we explore these tools?

  1. We will 'peek' at each tool together as a class.
  2. You will 'play' with each tool for a few minutes on your own, as class time allows.
  3. You will share with a partner.
  4. You can then 'play' as much as you want on your own time.

Hopefully, this exploration will open your eyes to a few options that are available to you in the world of computers. One can never learn all there is to learn, and the quest for knowledge is a life-long endeavor. Keep learning, growing, and expanding your horizons. You never know which little thing you learn will open doors to incredible possibilities.