Welcome to Computer Skills

Computer Skills offers an introduction to the basic computer skills, some common applications used in the business world, and job search tools. You will learn:

This semester-long class requires you to work well independently, be willing to try new things, and be self-motivated. You will work with peers on some activities, but the majority of your work will be on your own. Your work will be turned in for grading using several technologies: email, print, and turn-in using the coursework folder.

Your grade will be based on your proficiency with each assigned task and project. All activities will be scored using a 1-4 scale. The standards used for grading all work are:

  1. Effectively manages resources to complete tasks.
  2. Effectively demonstrate the ability to type by touch.
  3. Effectively navigate the operating system, create and manage files, access and use peripherals, and utilize internet resources.
  4. Demonstrate effective use of software to produce assigned products.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge and skills on assessments.
  6. Personal Standards/Work habits/Ethics: Reports to class daily on time; takes direction, and is motivated to accomplish the task at hand.

Review the class syllabus for more information.

Review the standardsin more detail.