Want a job? What do you do to get one?

Finding a job is a job! No kidding...it takes a lot of hard, careful work to find a job that fits you. You then must do a great interview so you have a chance of being hired.

There are no guarantees, because the process is very fluid...meaning there are many factors that come into the decision to hire or not hire. What you must do is be well prepared and have materials that present you as the best candidate for the job. The better you look on paper, the better chance you have to get an interview and 'sell' the employer on YOU!

In this unit we will explore a possible career and create some essential documents for your job search efforts: a resume and an application or cover letter. Additionally, we will look at tips for searching for a job and how to interview successfully.

Job Seach Vocabulary

Career Exploration

Let's do some research and find out about a possible career. To do this we will use PowerPoint...another MS Office application that most of you have used before. Hopefully, you will learn a few new tricks and tools that can help you make better class presentations using this powerful tool.

Step 1- PowerPoint tricks & tips

Follow along with the teacher presentation of some basics of PowerPoint. You will create a simple document as a way to explore some of the features this software has available.

Step 2- Assignment: Create a Career Presentation using PowerPoint


This introduction to PowerPoint slide show will allow you to research a career that you are interested in pursuing. You will conduct research on the Internet to find information for the following slides:

Beyond the basic topics for each slide, it is up to you to choose the backgrounds, sounds, images, animation effects, etc. You should have at least 3 images placed in your slide show. Please be as creative as possible.

Job Search Documents

Step 1- What is a resume?

Take some notes during the teacher presentation. Your notes will be your 'roadmap' for creating your own resume!

Step 2- Assignment: Create a resume using a template in WORD.

Step 3- Assignment: Create an application or cover letter using a template.

Mastering a Job Interview

Step 1- Assignment: Research interview tips

Step 2- Assignment:Research interview questions

Step 3- Assignment: Practice interviewing

That concludes our unit on job search. Hopefully you have now created useable documents and learned some interview tips that can help you land the job of your dreams. Good luck!