What is keyboarding?

Keyboarding, simply stated, is using the keyboard correctly by applying proper type-by-touch techniques to create various documents. While the definition is simple, the mastering of the proper fingering techniques requires concentration and PRACTICE!

This portion of the class will test and build your ability to focus, work independently, and reach new levels of personal skill. We will learn some basic fingering techniques and then practice using them using an on-line typing program. There are a series of 34 lessons you must finish to complete required graded assignments. Additionally, you will have regular opportunities to demonstrate your increasing skills with timed typing tests.

We begin with a typing test to determine your current skills, then you and Mr. Garner will determine an appropriate learning goal for you to work toward by the end of the semester. At regular intervals, you will take another typing test and record where you are in relation to your personal goal. A portion of your grade is determined by your final typing speed (words per mint in a 2-minutes timed test).

A critical part of learning to type properly is to learn which finger hits which keys. We will work to memorize the order using charts like this one.

The website we will use for lessons is: typing.com

For typing tests we will use: typingtest.com