Designing with style and ease!

Publisher is a Microsoft program that creates print-ready documents like cards, fliers, calendars, posters, etc. There are thousands of ready-made templates for just about any kind of document you can imagine. Of course, the templates are someone else's idea of how the document should look...and you may have a different idea! The good news is that you can make your own...and ignore the templates completely if you wish.

Publisher Terms

Once again, there are some specific terms that you should know to use and discuss Publisher. They are:

Publisher Basics

We will begin by working together to look at some features of the software. "Play" along as the teacher walks through the menu options, template options, and the creation of a simple Publisher document.

Appling what you learned

You have seen some features of the program....let's make something useful!

Create your own document - Assignment # 1

You have the make a greeting card for someone you care about. You can choose one of the following:

Made your desicion...Good. Now follow the steps below.

Make a Flier - Assignment # 2

You are now pretty good at using Publisher to make a card. Let's try something else that may prove useful to you later...let's make a flier.

Want more Publisher Practice?

Contact the teacher for some advanced practice opportunities. There are lots of ways to use this software. When you finish the assignments, go exploring...create a document or two for situations in your life. The more you practice, the better you will be with using the software.

A few possible extra credit assignments are:

Save the documents you create as: PUB-Extra-Credit.yourname and turn them in on the "Publisher Extra Credit" folder.

Congratulations! You now should have a decent working knowledge of Publisher. Many companies use software other than Publisher, but the knowledge you have gained can easily be applied to many software applications.