Web Design I: Let's Learn Dreamweaver

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Welcome to your introduction to Adobe/Macromedia's star web design software! Dreamweaver has rapidly become the leader in industry for designing and maintaining webpages and sites. Its powerful options and its general user friendliness makes it popular for large and small businesses. While there is a learning curve, and it takes a lot of time to learn about all of the features of this program, a new user can develop web pages and sites fairly quickly. Your first experiences with the program are carefully guided so you learn the basics. Once you have finished the introductory lessons, you will have the opportunity to explore more of the varied features available for more advanced web design projects. Please remember that you will not be an expert at the completion of these simple tutorials...but you will be on your way to learning why this powerful tool has become the first choice for a growing number of professional and amatuer web designers.

Have fun with the introductory lessons and enjoy exploring Dreamweaver!

Let's begin at the beginning! Select Lesson 1 to start learning Dreamweaver.

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