Tools that do the coding for you! Interested??

WEB Editors are software packages that allow you to create web pages and sites using the drag and drop process you are used to with Microsoft products (WORD, PowerPoint, etc.). The drag and drop process is called WYSIWYG...What You See Is What You Get! There are many web editors available: some are free and others are quite expensive. In class we will work with a widely known editor: Dreamweaver - an Adobe product. You will also learn about some other editors that are available for you to download and use at home.

Dreamweaver is a very robust package with lots of bells and whistles, most of which we will not explore. We will focus on learning some of the basic features of the program and create a few web pages.

Like all software solutions, there are pros and cons with each editor. The biggest pro with web editors is that you don't have to write any html or CSS code...the software does that for you, behind the scenes. The major con with editors is that they each have their own way of doing things...which can be problematic at times. If you understand HTML and CSS, you can usually adjust the code to solve quirky little things, but without the basic are at the mercy of the software. We will talk a little about horror stories that have occurred with editors.

Let's begin by looking at some of the web editors available in the world right now. This article in Smashing Magazine gives some information about what they feel are 25 of the top editors on the web development scene as of the date the article was printed. There will be new ones popping up all the time, and who knows, one of you may help develop a new editor!

Some of you might want to download an editor at home. Amaya is a program you can each download at home and use however you wish. It has a bit of a learning curve, but with a few hours you can be creating very nice web pages. To download and install it on your home computer, simply go to the Amaya Home Page.

We are now ready to learn about Dreamweaver. To do this we will work together to explore some of the features of the software. Once you have a beginning understanding of how the program works, you will create a web page and a website using Dreamweaver.

Here are theDreamweaver Lessons on the class website.