Picture this! Starting with images.

Key Vocabulary

Bitmap (bmp) GIF (gif) JPEG (jpg) PNG (png) TIF (tif) Copyright

As we begin our work with graphics, it is important to create a place to save our work and to understand some key vocab. First, open "My Documents", go to your "WEB DESIGN" folder, and creat a new subfolder called "WEB GRAPHICS". Second, open a new WORD document and find a defintion for each of the above vocabulary.

Comparing Graphic Formats

  1. Open a browser and go to freefoto.com
  2. Select an image, right click on the image, click save as
  3. Select your graphics folder under web design and save
  4. Open the document in paint
  5. Click file, save as, in bottom box select 24 bit bitmap , direct to your graphics folder & save
  6. Repeat the save as and save as gif, tif and png
  7. Make sure you have 5 pix- bmp, jpg, gif, tif, and png
  8. Look at the document properties for each pix…make a note of the document size for each

Which format should load fastest? Which file formats should not be used for a website based on size?

Graphic Design is our next stop in our journey to good webdesign. It is important to grasp a few key ideas about the design part of web design before we start creating code! The main ideas we need to understand are:

Copyright Now that we have a basic understanding of graphic formats and have explored some basics of design, let's look a critical issue...copyright. To put it simply...don't copy someone elses work (text or graphics) without permission! There are some basic rules of copyright. Here are a few important things to think about.