Specialized Vocabulary??? For sure!

Every discipline has unique vocabulary and web design is no exception. There are hundreds of important vocabulary...but I selected 18 KEY concepts that you need to know.

Vocabulary List

1 Protocol(FTP, HTTP, IP, TCP) 7 LAN 13 DNS (Domain Name Server)
2 ISP 8 Internet 14 Wireless (WIFI)
3 Dial-up 9 URL 15 Browser
4 Broadband 10 IP Address 16 HTML
5 Network 11 Static IP Address 17 Tags (HTML)
6 WAN 12 Dynamic IP Address 18 Top Level Domain Name Extensions

Vocaulary Instructions

  1. Begin by opening a new WORD document and creating a centered heading titled "Web Design Vocabulary".
  2. The next step is to open a browser (whichever one you choose) and use your favorite search engine (google, yahoo, bing, etc.) to look up definitions for the vocabulary words.
  3. Look at 2 or 3 different listings to make sure you have valid information, then add the definition to your WORD document.
  4. You may work on this activity at home if you wish, but we will have some time in class. The more you do outside of class...the more time you will have to learn and play with coding and web editors!

Good luck with the research and let me know if you have questions or if you are struggling with any of the vocabulary.