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CSS Project

You should, hopefully, have a bit better grasp of CSS and how it can become your best friend for designing multi-page websites. Now you have a chance to "play" with CSS in a simulated real-world situation. The harder you work at this project, the more you will learn and the better your skills with CSS will become! Have fun!!

The Project Details

You are a newly hired web designer at a big company. You are given your first assignment and this is your "probabtion" period. The company will decide whether or not to extend your contract to permanent! Make this your best effort!

A small athletic supply company needs a website. You will need to include all of the following:

  • Separate CSS page which must be applied on all pages
  • At least three pages
  • A minimum of two pictures on each page
  • A banner on front page which includes a logo and name of the company
  • A list of ten items that the store would sell
  • A navigation menu linking all of the pages together
  • Find some code for a shopping cart and use it on your site

Using all of these specifications create a web site for the sports company that would make your contract permanent. Keep in mind design techniques, for example who they would appeal to, and the friendliness/useability of the site. The site needs to be welcoming to everybody and appealing so they would want to purchase an item.

Total Points: 100
Design: 10 points
Pictures: 5 points for each/ total of 30 points
Banner and navigation menu: 10 points
List of 10 items: 10 points
Shopping Cart: 5 points
CSS: 20 points
At least three pages: 15 points

Proficiency Scoring:

100-83 = 4
82.5-66.5 = 3
66-50 = 2
less than 50 = 1 'F'

When finished upload it to your space on the server (mckayweb/username) and then send me an email to notify me that your project is completed. The email address is:



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