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HTML Review Project

You are now in Web Design II. What you will be learning builds on what you learned in Web Design I. To make sure we are all on the same page and ready to move, we will start by with a project that lets you practice what you have already learned.

We will review with 2 little projects. The first is a simple 2 page website and the second is a remodel of your homepage on the McKay server.

Here are the requirements for your first project.

Create a 2 page website using notepad. The site may be about anything you would like that is school appropriate. It must include:

  • 2 external links on each page
  • At least one graphic/image on each page
  • Reasonable content (2-3 paragraphs) on each page, formatted to fit the 'theme' of the page
  • The pages must be linked together with a reasonable navigation scheme
  • There must be CSS, either:
    • Embedded, or
    • Separate CSS page
  • Save the first page as htmlreview-yourname.html
  • The second page can be named whatever you would like.

Turning in your work.

Your completed documents and associated files (images) will be uploaded to the server, as in lessons past, with a link on your index.html. Send an email to the teacher ( letting me know you have completed the html review project.

This project should be completed in 2-3 class periods.

Facelift for your homepage

Now that you have refreshed your memory with the basics of HTML and CSS, you are ready to give your website a facelift.

Using what you have learned, create a new "homepage" (index.html) that includes links to all of your work in Web Design I. You may use the 1 column layout or create from scratch a new homepage that incorporates the principles and tools you have learned.

When you have finished your 'remodel' job, upload the new index.html to the mckayweb server. You will need to rename your original index to "xindex.html". This allows you to keep your original, but the new one will be what viewers see.

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