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The Next Step

You are now in Web Design II. This means you have mastered some basic skills in web design and are ready to challenge yourself. This semester you will do several things: First, you will learn more about CSS and how it works; Second, you will learn a little bit about PHP, the new language that is changing the face of websites; and Third, you will become part of the team, sharing responsibility for the school web site. You are expected to work independently and in teams, while demonstrating good self discipline and self-motivation. Your grade will depend on it! There are much higher expectations of you now than there were in Web I. Live up to your potential and build a good reputation!

Tips for Good Web Design

1. Have a clear purpose for the site. 5. Is the site User-Focused?
2. Make sure your message is clear! 6. Is the navigation easy to understand and is it effective?
3. Is the sight useable by your target audience? 7. Does the site have good Appearance...eye appeal?
4. Is the site accessible to all people? 8. Is there balance on the site...text, images, background, etc?

As you work through the lessons, keep these questions in mind. They should be your guide to determining if your work is good enough to be offered for public view.

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