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You are now going to create websites using Online Editors. This means you will have to use some basic skills in web design and work within the framwork of the template of the editor. Challenge yourself to use new formats you are not comfortable with. In this unit you will do several things: First, you will learn a little about what type of editors there are and how they work; Second, you will try your hand with two editors to create simple websites.

First, let's explore the world on on-line editors. You are already familiar with some: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Go Daddy, and the list goes on. Go Daddy may not be one you are familiar with...but you have seen their ads for websites. All of these companies offer an opportunity for a person, without web design skills, to create a website and publish it with minimal work. The company sets the basic layout options and grants the user a few variables to customize the site. Each company has different options for the user.

For our first hands-on experience with these tools, let's use your google account.

  1. Explore Google sites as a class
  2. Assignment Preparation
    • Identify a possible future career
    • Research information including:
    • Schooling required
    • Licenses/certificates needed
    • Typical working conditions and locations
    • Hours, type of shifts, etc.
    • Pay ranges for different parts of the country
    • Pictures of people doing this kind of work
  3. Create a google site that highlights the career.
    • Must have at least 3 pages
    • Must have at least 3 pictures
    • Layout is your choice, using templates or your own creation.
    • Be sure to site your sources on the website.
  4. Create a link on your mckayweb homepage so I can go to your google site.
  5. Remember.this is a live public site so choose words, pix, and layout carefully. It will reflect on you and McKay!
  6. The top sites may be shared with administrators and staff.

For our second experience with these tools we will use

First we will explore Weebly as a class. This will give you a flavor of how this editor works and what features Weebly offers.

Now that we have explored a bit, let's create a site using Weebly.

  1. Go to and create a user account.
  2. Use your school google email for your user information.

Once your account is set up, you are ready to create. Here are the requirements:

  1. Your site must be education related.
  2. the site must have 2 pages.
  3. You must have a picture on each page
  4. You should use design principles within the editors framework
  5. You must have your email on the site for comments/feedback

That concludes our shallow dive into the world of on-line web editors. Hopefully you have gained a basic understanding of the variety of options out there for individuals and businesses to create and manage websites.

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