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PHP Lessons

PHP is the upcoming tool in web design and is important to have at least a basic understanding of for further web designing. PHP is very similar to html, but allows more complex pages to be created, using variables. It also allows interaction with databases which is truly dynamic.

The challenge for some is that PHP is a server-side scripting language. This means that it only runs on a server, which means you cannot test it on your machine unless you have installed server software. In our case, you can simply use CoreFTP to upload your PHP files to the class server, and then open the files in a browser to test them.

Complete one or more of the following tutorials:

Web Monkey
W3C Schools

When they are completed save the pages that you created on your P drive.

We will create a simple website, as a class, that uses PHP includes. You will then have the chance to add a couple of other pieces using what you have learned from the PHP Tutorials.

This will be our only graded assignment using PHP, but you are encouraged to learn as much as you can to add to your web design toolbox.

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